Saturday, October 24, 2009

Building my portfolio...

Many people have asked me if I they could pay me to take pictures of them and their family.

I'm very, very flattered, as I'm still a bit new to the photography world.  For this reason, I am not charging any fees at the moment, though I am taking donations! ;-)

What I *am* doing is portfolio building sessions, so if you would like to help me build my portfolio, please contact me (contact information is to the right) and we can schedule a session.

I will then share your pictures on my blog, and provide you with a disc containing images that I select, along with a release so you can print them/share them electronically.

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  1. Christina...

    Sign us up! I would love if you would take pictures of our family. I was actually just thinking about Christmas cards and getting some family photos. If you are willing, I'd totally love it. Could we do them at the courthouse in downtown Howell? There's so many leaves and great color and stone building type background. Scott works in the building next to the courthouse so we could do them when he gets off work in the evening around 5:00? Ok, I'm probably jumping the gun here...just let me know...and we are happy to pay you a "donation":)